Business Advisory

Our Business Advisory services include:

Corporate Recovery

Re-Establishing the Value – The vast majority of businesses experience a period of decline. Many of these businesses will fail during this decline. It is our mission to save our client and we are happy to say that to date we have been 100% successful in turning around these companies. We work very closely we our client during the recovery period and help guide them through the challenges encountered during this time. Of course, we have the benefit of being through this process quite often, so the biggest element – fear- is something we are use to.

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Corporate Re-Structuring and Re-Organisation

Redirecting the Value – More often than not as a business grows it will undertake many perilous re-organisations. The secret to any re-structuring undertaken is the planning of the journey and to gain a clear idea of what the organisation will look like when the process is complete. What product are we selling/what services are we offering, what people will we have and where, how will our customer base are among some of the big questions to ask at the planning stage.

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Cash Flow Planning

Cash is king – Reduce your overdraft and the associated interest costs, put your cash-flow into the black and have healthy cash resources. We provide constant review and update of cash-flow focuses on all areas of your working capital management. It’s all about good administration, strong credit control and good negotiating with suppliers.

  • Efficient sales ledger processing– get invoices out on time
  • Efficient credit control function – strict to credit terms
  • Efficient purchase/procurement – better terms and better prices
  • Efficient Supplier Inter-Action – it’s a two way street

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Business Process Improvement

Big question – What are we doing, how are we doing it and can we do it better, faster, more efficiently? Can we achieve the same result for less money? Yes in the majority of cases.

To improve your business process, we offer constant review our operational and administrative functions. It’s all about constantly challenging the way we do things – take each process – one at a time.

  • Establish current SOPs
  • Review and change the SOPs
  • Create more interest roles for our staff – less time doing, more time thinking

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Succession Planning

Creating additional value – If you were to sell your business now what could you sell it for? Is it worth less than you feel it should be? What do you need to do over the next 3 – 5 years to dramatically increase the value of your business? What resources do you have in place?

Re-think the way you do things, how you treat your business, what you take out and how you take it out.

  • Build value for the future
  • Build team structure for future
  • How to develop the roles of key personnel

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Long term planning

Where is the business now and where would you like it to be in three to five years time? How are you going to get it there? What markets will you be in? Do you need additional funding? Who do you need to have working with you?

Corporate planning, restructuring plans – move the business in the direction you want it to move. Achieve your corporate goals.

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Corporate Transactions

Buying and/or selling businesses

Selling your business? Let us help you achieve an excellent price.

Want you buy a business? Grow your business by acquisition.

We will value you business and bring you through the process of buying and/or selling your business.

Raising capital

We help our clients raise the funds necessary to grow their business. We work with our clients to create the necessary business cases to support. We have excellent network of bankers, venture capitalists and a number of individuals.

Company and Business Valuation

We help clients understand the true value of their business . We take time to understand our client’s business in order to properly assess the value. We take our clients through the valuation process

Corporate Buy In and Buy Outs

Preparing some a Strategic Buy In – We will help you understand the value of what you are selling and establish clear reasons as to rationale behind the decision