Why Alan Keane & Co

Helping Secure Our client’s Future….

We understand clearly that our success, depends on the success of our client. Therefore we believe in working in partnership our client.
It is only by working closely with our client can we achieve the results our client’s enjoy. The closer we work, the better the results. Our proposition is different to the traditional accountants offering. We have a relatively smaller client base than a traditional accountant –we spend a lot more time with our client without an exaggerated fee.

10 Reasons Clients Join

  • Accessibility
    Our procedures ensure that partners and managers are readily availability to receive calls, make appointments and reply promptly to correspondence, either by email or letter.
  • Clarity
    Our correspondence is conducted in as clear a manner as the facts allow but we are always available to clarify issues if any doubt arises.
  • Consistency
    Clients are assigned the same staff member each year to maintain consistency and avoid unnecessary questions being raised repeatedly.
  • Experience
    Our years of practical experience allow us to offer independent advice that is relevant and timely. We can also share with our clients the successful practices of other businesses so they can profit from this experience.
  • No surprises
    In planning our work, we highlight deadlines before they happen and set out the cost consequences of those deadlines.
  • New start-up
    We have the skills and understand the diverse needs of start-up operations where resources are often restricted and where specific issues need particular attention.
  • Pro-active
    We offer more than just accounts auditing and taxation. We can also stretch our clients’ imagination as to their businesses’ potential, alert them to issues that may affect them and introduce them to relevant professionals and businesses to enhance their business.
  • Standards
    We operate to the highest standards imposed by the Accounting Bodies in Ireland, constantly monitoring professional developments and implementing changes quickly to guarantee best practice at all times.
  • Systematic
    We consistently develop our own systems to guarantee the highest standard of service and technical competency and so ensure that dealings with us are easily conducted, simply understood and promptly delivered.
  • Timeliness
    Our systems enable us to complete assignments quickly so that clients are advised while the information is still usable and can be relied on to affect change.